Borderline/Bipolar Group Therapy

Borderline/Bipolar Group Therapy

Struggling with overwhelming emotions can disrupt your relationships and work life, leaving you feeling isolated and adrift. If you often find yourself misunderstood, grappling with loneliness and confusion, you’re not alone.

The Borderline/Bipolar group is designed to be paired with individual therapy to help you learn the skills necessary to not only understand and process your emotions, but to also equip you with the skills that will allow you to take action about what is missing from your life.

The group therapy sessions offer a supportive environment for individuals grappling with symptoms of Borderline or Bipolar Disorders. Led by an experienced mental health Therapist, these sessions provide a safe space for participants to explore their emotions, behaviors, and interpersonal challenges. Through sharing experiences, practicing coping strategies, and receiving feedback, members can develop greater self-awareness and learn effective ways to manage symptoms.

Join us on a journey towards personal growth, understanding, and lasting change.

*Please inquire about packages for group and individual therapy.*