Day in the Life of: Licensed Professional Counselor Jayne’ Green

Day in the Life of: Licensed Professional Counselor Jayne' Green

Licensed Professional Counselor
Bud & Blossom Therapeutics

My Typical Day
A typical day at work as a Mental Health Therapist, for me, involves checking emails, voicemails and following up with anyone who has inquired about beginning therapy and following up on any requests or questions of regular clients. Then, I proceed to begin conducting therapeutic sessions from approximately 9 am to 6 or 7 pm, depending on the days I hold extended hours for those clients needing late appointments.

After each session, notes must be completed, so if I have not had an opportunity to complete a note immediately after a session, I try to complete it before the end of the day, for insurance purposes. For those clients whom we have discussed working on an exercise before the next session, I will email them coping skills to practice, worksheets to help challenge themselves and activate a change in behavior, among other forms of exercises. Providing exercises for clients can entail being creative and finding strategies that will work well for that particular client.

Ability to exercise my helping nature
Watching as clients progress and make impactful changes in their lives
Teaching clients and assisting them in making connections between their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and even the impact of past events on the present
Ability to practice independently when in private practice, having flexibility, and creating one’s own schedule
Flexibility in choosing different approaches to work with a variety of clients
Meeting new individuals from all walks of life, who have varied experiences

Billing insurance companies and the time it takes to verify insurance and complete the billing cycle
The occasional clients who are not truly ready for the process of therapy so they do not allow themselves an opportunity for true growth

Advice to aspiring Mental Health Therapists
To become a Mental Health Therapist, you must complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. This can take approximately six years post high school. Once you obtain your Master’s degree, you will need to also meet your state’s requirements for post Master’s education. This requires working under the supervision of a fully licensed Therapist, which can take up to 2-3 years after obtaining your degree.

If you are considering becoming a Mental Health Therapist, be sure to have a fairly good understanding of yourself and any triggers you may have that could be agitated by working with clients. Also, it is important to have a passion for people and to be able to empathize with them. You will need to be able to establish and maintain healthy boundaries as a Therapist, as some clients may want all of your time, they may want to ask questions about your personal life to deflect from themselves, or sometimes they may want to engage with you outside of your normal working hours.

Licensed Professional Counselor
Bud & Blossom Therapeutics